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I’m an unusual piece of art from the God. I was born in Shimsha.  India’s first ever Hydro Electric Project started here in the year of 1905. Later I was moved to Malavalli, a Taluk in Mandya district which is familiar as Sugar City of Karnataka. I continued my studies in Malavalli till Pre-University and moved to Garden city of India, Bangalore in 2000 to pursue my Bachelors Degree and then on my journey continues in this city. Having studied engineering in computer science, I elevated myself to be a researcher and expertise in various Information Security subjects. I practice security consulting and work for an eminent company. I recently pursued my Masters from Bits Pilani. Amidst I was trained to be an internationally certified Handwriting Analyst from Handwriting Institute of India, a skill that not only helps to do behavioral analysis but also for the individuals who want to change their personality to lead the life as they wanted. Apart from being a technology folk, I enjoy myself to be in the company of the nature and I try capturing many of these happiest moments in my Nikon D90 powered with a few lenses which try to mimic the vision that I have in my eyes. The amateur photographer in me always rings to be active, alert and alive in this ever changing world. I would love to be a naturalist and its an attempt to share my captures and write about what I have to say!

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